Currently completed work varies in size from a house in Willingham to a brick out building design.

Our current work on the board / site to varying degrees of completion  include

  • A pair of new houses – just starting on site
  • 2 loft conversions
  • 3 rear extensions.
  • A house on site.
  • Feasibility study on new house in the garden of an existing property.
  • Extension  and conversion of detached house to a pair of semi’s
  • Large 2 storey rear extension and out building to a Post Office.

From April 2014 planning laws regarding permitted developments will be more flexible.  For instance, it’s possible that larger extensions don’t require Planning Permission.

These links provide a good explanation regarding larger permitted development extensions along with guidance notes.

We now draw all house designs & extensions using our new 3d software.  This enables our client’s to “walk through” a proposed building.

This page  3D Design and BIM provides a taster.

We appreciate the change in VAT from January 2011. To maintain competitive prices, Argyle Design has deregistered from VAT